Instructors Background



42 years experience

Dennis Started his career in 1976 on a barge in the North Sea, he then spent 29 years working in plants specializing in stainless steel & boiler tubes. In 2005 he started pipelining until 2016. Then he started instructing at A.E.W.A!


13 years experience

Charles began his career in 2005 working in paper mills, after about a year of the mills he progressed to chemical plants & then on to oil and gas refineries. In 2012 he worked for the quality control department as a QC for a couple years . Then went back to welding in until 2018, when he started at A.E.W.A.


18 years experience

T.Bird started out in 2000 at a local welding shop, by 2004 he had progressed to refineries & power plants across the U.S. In early 2007, he began pipelining. After spending 9 years on various pipeline projects such as compressor stations; main lines, fab yards, etc, he founded A.E.W.A.


13 years experience

Wormy started his career in 2005 as a welders helper in refineries, soon after he decided to pursue his career as a pipe welder by attending welding school. After graduating welding school he traveled the US welding in various refineries & power plants! In 2008 he started pipelining. After welding on pipelines & compressor stations for several years, he began performing hot taps on live lines & special projects. In 2012 he decided to stop traveling and work for local contractors, where he took the roll as a welding boss for various jobs for local gas companies until 2017 where he started at A.E.W.A, where he uses his skills to teach students what they need to be successful in the welding industry!



23 years experience

Faulk began his career 1994 by attending welding school, after graduating he went to work for Nabco Mechanical. He then moved onto the pipe fitters local 155 as a welder/fitter, traveled the country installing boilers. He started his own business in 2003 building and repairing food grade, milk, water & ice cream plants, specializing in stainless steel piping. In 2009 he began inspecting pipelines for Southwestern Energy "SWN", obtained his Certified Welding Inspectors Certification "CWI" in 2018, he is currently the Construction Supervisor for SWN. He works part time for A.E.W.A. in the evenings helping with classroom/pipe fitting & advanced students working on thin wall stainless!


18 years experience


In 2000 Josh started working for an industrial fabrication company as a structural welder in his home town. After that he decided to go to welding school to obtain pipe welding skills. He then went on to become a top pipe welder for various contractors nationwide. In 2013 he obtained his CWI & became the Quality Control manager "QC" for a company where he inspected documents & assured the quality of his co-workers welds for the client they were performing work for. Waymack is joining A.E.W.A.'s team full time in June 2018 as the lead instructor on nights!


1 Instructor for every 10 students!


127 years experience between the 6 of us!

The main reason for this information is to show that we don't advertise Refineries, Power Plants & pipelines because it sounds good! We advertise it because that's our background & that's where most of our students go once they leave A.E.W.A! ALWAYS do your homework and research before choosing a school!

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